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Dirt Trapper Mats
The As Seen On TV Co. has been bringing much-loved products that make our daily lives just a little easier directly to market at fairs, public trade shows, and similar events for 20 years, such as the amazing Dirt Trapper Mats, the famous Miracle Shammy, and the most versatile household tool for cleaning, sweeping, and scrubbing - the rubber WonderBroom!

Our products help keep our homes clean, our children entertained, and our lives just a little less messy...

Visit our booth to see our live demos of indoor/outdoor Dirt Trapper Mats & Miracle Mats - a new type of doormat that works better than regular mats even if you don't wipe your feet! (which is why pet owners swear by them!)

They're machine-wash mats that trap all granular dirt effortlessly, and absorb mud/slush/snow instantly, machine wash to activate them. (See Demo Video at:

Magic Pens
Kids and parents alike love our non-toxic Magic Pens: those incredible felt-tipped magic markers that change colour, erase, and do 3D-writing &v edging with ease!
(See Demo Video at:

Our latest product we're featuring at the show is the fantastic all-around household utility tools the WonderBroom & WonderBrush which are Indoor/Outdoor versatile, washable rubber brooms and brushes that easily clean, scrub, sweep, rake, and squeegee whatever mess or dirt you're dealing with! Come check them out at the show.

Miracle Shammy
We've even brought a limited supply of the famous Miracle Shammy everybody loves for cleaning, drying, polishing, and buffing literally anything!!
(See Demo Video at:

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