Prairie Weather proofing

Prairie Weather proofing
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Our mission is to give Canadian homeowners a better option to painting or replacing their existing old or problematic stucco. The CHIC System option that is going to save homeowners tens of thousands of dollars on continual stucco repairs and exterior painting costs over the lifetime of their home or building.

Think about it! Stucco is basically just sand and cement. As the stucco erodes and the seasonal freeze and thaw cycles of our Canadian climate wreck havoc on our buildings substrate, the walls become more susceptible to water ingress issues and cracking. Not only that, the cracking and deterioration will lead to water getting into the walls creating rust, mold, mildew, rot and untold thousands of dollars in damage. Patching or painting stucco often does little to stop issues from coming back. Worse of all, you will have to keep painting your stucco to maintain it. Over your stucco home’s life, you’ll have to redo its paint job at least three to five times, and that’s if you do it every ten years! Paint, even elastomeric paint, just isn’t good enough at stopping premature stucco failure.

CHIC’s one-time application has stood the test of time since 1984. Our material and processes fix the issues that cause premature stucco/cement degradation and protect it from further weathering problems. You don’t even have to take our word for it, as CHIC comes with a lifetime warranty.

CHIC can even be made in any colour so you can rejuvenate your homes curb appeal and you won’t ever have to worry about it peeling!

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