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Sea Minerals FA

Sea Minerals FA
Box 56
Garland MB
Booth: 1819

Company Description:

Sea Minerals FA fertilizer is an Organic Mineral. You can put it on everything, Lawns, Gardens, Flowers ,Trees, Shrubs, Household plants as well as hayfields, Crops and all Livestock mineral. Sea minerals has up to 95 different minerals.
This Product is an all Natural Mineral / Forage Enhancement Product. You can put it on everything Grow bigger, Lusher, better volume, more quantity. It Not only helps the plants but it will also Restore your land and soil Back to its Natural State. In which the rain and erosion has washed the minerals away from our soils over the last hundreds of years. Dissolve 1 tbsp into 2 gallons of water and spray on allow 3 hours of drying time and water normally
1 pound last the average city lot a year if not longer. Dissolve 1 lb into 50 gallons of water and you can spray an acre or so.

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1 LB for $25 2 Lbs for $40 10 lb pails $130 plus shipping

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