Let's Talk About Tiny Homes

Oct 23, 2017, 13:14 PM

The world is extending their love of adorable miniatures to include tiny houses. The tiny home trend has been steadily growing over the years, and has recently spawned numerous TV shows including HGTV’s Tiny House Hunters and Tiny House, Big Living. At Marketplace Events, we frequently have tiny homes on display at our shows, so we thought we'd share our knowledge of these modest dwellings.


What is a tiny home?
Let's start with the basic question: "what is a tiny home?". While there are currently no set parameters for what qualifies as a tiny home, the Small House Society says that residential buildings under 500 square feet can be classified as tiny. Homes that are built on wheels to enable travel and relocation are typically less then 250 square feet. 


Who are tiny homes made for?

From new retirees to millennials buying their first place, tiny homes are suitable for a wide range of people. One of the attractions is the economic benefits. Tiny homes are less expensive than conventional home, so there's no mortgage payments to worry about. Plus the size means owners save on things like hydro, taxes, and repairs. 

There is also the environmental factor. Tiny homes can be created with higher quality, more sustainable materials that might not be feasible for a standard home. Simplicity is also a major reason people are choosing to downsize. The tiny house movement or small house movement is a real estate trend where people are choosing to live in smaller homes and strive for simpler lives. Less space for things means less clutter, and a simpler life. It's about quality over quantity. 


What are the challenges of living in a tiny home?
If you plan on living in a tiny home full-time you’ll most likely need to get rid of a considerable portion of your belongings. While tiny homes are economic in their design, going from a traditional dwelling to a tiny home means sacrificing a lot of storage space. Some people may also struggle with the smaller kitchen appliances and bathrooms. If a jacuzzi tub is a must-have for you, a tiny home might not be your best bet. It's all about what your personal preferences and priorities are. 

Could you live in less than 500 square feet? The best way to determine if these houses are right for you is to take a tour. Visit a Tiny Home Village featured at the Marketplace Events' Home Show nearest you to learn more about these unique dwellings. Even if you don't find your dream home, you'll get great storage and organization ideas - trust us! Check out our list of upcoming events here.

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