Meet the Masters of Flip!

Mar 9, 2018, 20:58 PM

The dynamic country music duo turned house flipping experts, Kortney & Dave Wilson will be making their Winnipeg Home + Garden Show debut this April and we’re thrilled to be welcoming them to the Urban Barn Main Stage!

With over 60 homes flipped to date, Kortney and Dave have become one of Nashville’s premiere house flipping forces, renowned as much for their acute knowledge of the local real estate market as for their artistic design in transforming run-down disasters into stunning one-of-a-kind family homes.


In their hit television series Masters of Flip, Kortney and Dave Wilson breathe new life into old, rundown Nashville homes. Each one-hour episode opens with Kortney and Dave house-hunting for properties that have seen better days and gambling on which one to flip to make the most profit. With limited timelines and even tighter budgets, these Masters of Flip take on the challenge of transforming each real estate disaster into a stunning family dream home.

Make sure you get your tickets to catch Kortney & Dave on the Urban Barn Main Stage presented by the Winnipeg Free Press on Friday, April 6 at 6:00PM, and Saturday, April 7 at 1:00PM for their presentation on adding value to your home. In the meantime, let’s get to know Kortney and Dave a little better!

Q: Hi Kortney! We’re so excited to have you in Winnipeg for the Home + Garden Show April 5-8, just in time for the first signs of spring! Can you tell us a little about yourself?
A: I'm Kortney. I like pugs, the ocean and can eat 1/2 a banana cream pie in one sitting :) . Dave's favorite phrase is "yes ma'am” (especially when he's in trouble), he has an aversion to fruit on salads and he couldn't love animals more.  We met making music back in 1998 in Nashville TN, convinced each other that we were the perfect roommates and 20 years, 3 kids, and hundreds of houses later, we have made our mark on Nashville. Our music days are behind us but we have turned that into a successful business that still allows us a creative outlet.

Q: Will this be your first time in Winnipeg? What are you looking forward to most?
A: Yes, we are so excited to see Winnipeg and meet some people. We are actually bringing our kids on this trip (a first for us to bring them to a home show) and hope to show them around. We gravitate towards food - ha.  Like, all of us so we need some restaurant recommendations but some fun things to do for the kids would be nice too!

Q: We’re so looking forward to giving you a warm Winnipeg welcome! Can you give us a hint about what you’ll be sharing on the Urban Barn Main Stage?
A: Dave and I are going to be sharing our tips for improving the value of your home. It's geared towards home owners and less flippers but the same principles apply to both. Everything from focal points, to DIY walls and paint, paint, paint!  Of course, we will need to talk color! Dave will speak to some of the less glamorous things that are behind the walls.

Q: What are some of your main influences to signature style?
A: I don't really look to any one designer as the sole person who influenced me and in fact, I can't pinpoint my own signature style except to say that it's classic with a trendy twist. I'm influenced by all things creative. Songs, flowers, pretty things in general and great flow. I'm always impressed by other designers who are willing to step outside the box and use colour in interesting ways.

Q: What’s your first step in flipping a home?
A: My first step (after selecting a home in the right location) is layout. Even before demo day, I have a good idea how I want to create smooth transitions from room to room and I usually start by trying to ensure the front door is somewhat lined up with the back door. It doesn't always play out that way, but it's my favorite place to start.

Q: What should people always remember if they decide to take on a flip of their own?
A: They need to remember that things will go wrong. I've never met a house flipper with a story of how perfectly things went. Plan for the inevitable - mistakes, findings that will cost money and accommodating going over budget and time. If the expectation is realistic, it's easier to swallow when things aren't going exactly as planned. It's okay! House flippers before you have been where you are and they made it through!

Q: What is one of your favourite memories from filming Masters of Flip?
A: This season, which starts airing in March, brought several memories but the one that I always think about is when Dave and I were touring a house and it was utterly disgusting. I mean, we didn't want to touch a thing. Even Dave was grossed out. We got to the kitchen and there was opened food everywhere. Spoiled milk and trash in every nook and cranny. There was a container of hummus and some chips opened on the counter and Dave reached for one and dipped it into the hummus and ate it!!! I started screaming. I just couldn't contain myself. The crew all started laughing. Dave got there before me and took a peek around (which he usually doesn't do). He was walking through with his hummus and chips and placed it in the kitchen so he could freak me out. And. He. Did.

Q: What's the best piece of advice for someone about to take on a home renovation project?
A:  Don't do it! HA. Just kidding. I would say it's important to understand your limitations and your strengths. Especially if you are renovating with a partner. Decide before you start who is going to have the final say on certain things. If you can't agree on which light fixtures, who is the best person to make the call? Who is better at budgeting? And which person is going to do most of the communicating so things aren't lost in translation? But mostly, just remember that this isn't rocket science and you should have fun with it. If you get the construction right, the design stuff is a breeze and can be changed quite easily.

The Winnipeg Home + Garden Show will be taking over the RBC Convention centre from April 5-8, 2018. Make sure you buy your tickets online to save $3 off your ticket price courtesy of 
APRIL 5-8, 2018